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1.   General provisions.
1.1.   These product purchase – sales terms (subsequently "Terms") are an obligatory legal document for relevant parties, in which we define Buyer's and Seller's rights and obligations, product purchase and payment for them conditions, product delivery and return policy, responsibilities of parties and other provisions related to product purchase – sales in the internet shop "lovelin".
1.2.   A buyer, submitting an order confirms, one agrees to these Terms.
1.3.   A contract among the Buyer and the Seller is considered concluded from that moment, when the Buyer presses the button "Buy" after formation of the shopping cart  in the e-shop, by presenting the delivery address, choosing the payment mode and getting introduced to the Seller’s terms.
2.   Personal data security.
2.1.  Online shop Lovelin is created by company UAB "Limageda".  By ordering the products in the internet shop "Lovelin", a buyer has to submit during the moment of purchase requested personal buyer data: name, surname, product delivery address, phone number and e-mail address.
2.2.   By confirming these terms, a Buyer agrees that in section 2.1. provided personal Buyer's data, can be regulated in the e-shop of product and service sales, for the means of the Seller's activity analysis.
2.3.   With an agreement that Buyer's personal data can be regulated for product and service sales in the e-shop, the Buyer also agrees that informational reports can be sent to a buyer's provided e-mail, which are necessary for carrying out the orders.
2.4.   A buyer is responsible for submitting correct data during purchase.
2.5.   A Seller is committed not to reveal Buyer's personal data for third parties, except when it is requested by a competent Government institution in cases foreseen in the laws of the Republic of Lithuania or with a separate written Buyer's consent.
2.6.   A Buyer, while registering in the e-shop and ordering products, commits to save and not to reveal one’s login data.
3.   Buyer's rights and obligations.
3.1.   A buyer, when submitting an order in the e-shop "Lovelin", agrees with these purchase – sales Terms and commits to follow them and the approved laws of the Republic of Lithuania.
3.2.   A buyer commits to accept the ordered products and pay for them the distinguished price.
3.3.   In the form of payment to submit full, concise and correct information. If in the form of payment the Buyer submits inaccurate, false or misleading data, "Lovelin" has a right to cancel Buyer's registration and delete the data.
3.4.   If the data submitted in the Buyer's registration form change, the Buyer must immediately renew them.
3.5.   The Buyer has a right to refuse the agreement of product purchase and sales with a Seller only in the case if the product is qualitative, has not been damaged or fundamentally did not change its appearance.
4.   Seller's rights and obligations.
4.1.   The Seller commits to arrange all possible conditions for the Buyer to properly use services provided by the internet shop "Lovelin".
4.2.   If the Buyer is trying to harm the process of an electronic shop or its stable operation, or violates one’s commitments, the Seller can without preliminary warning restrict, stop (terminate) one’s ability to use an electronic shop and is not responsible for any possible related loses of a Buyer.
4.3.   The Seller commits to respect a Buyer's privacy right into one's personal data, which is provided in the electronic shop registration form.
4.4.   The Seller commits to deliver Buyer's ordered products to the buyer's provided address.
4.5.   The Seller has a right temporarily or for an unlimited time to terminate the activity of an electronic shop without prior warning.
4.6.   The Seller has a right to change unilaterally these Terms, by publishing the changed Terms on the electronic shop website. The changes come into force since the moment of their publication for all agreements that are concluded after the publication of the change.  
4.7.   The Seller is not responsible for different qualities of screens of computers and mobile devices, for discrepancies of colours and forms of products presented in the e-shop and their actual colours and forms at the moment of delivery.  
5.   Product ordering, prices, payment procedure, and terms.

5.1.   In the electronic shop the Buyer can buy 7 days a week, 24 hours a day.
5.2.   Minimum order amount excluding shipping cost is 19.99 €.
5.3.   The prices of products in the e-shop and in the formulated order are presented in euros and other currency, including VAT.
5.4.   The Buyer commits to pay the order during 1 (one) calendar day since the day of order approval.
5.5.   If the Buyer fails to pay during 1 calendar day, the order is being cancelled.

6.    Product delivery.
6.1.   The Buyer, after selecting a product delivery service during one's order, commits to provide an accurate product delivery location.
6.2.   The Buyer commits to accept the products by oneself. If a Buyer cannot accept the products by oneself, and the products are delivered to the provided address, the Buyer does not have a right to any claim that the products were delivered to the wrong individual.
6.3.   The Products are delivered by the Seller or Seller’s authorised representative (courier), moreover the products can be sent by other means, depending on the chosen delivery way.
6.4.   The Products are sent to the Buyer during 2-3 working days, since payment approval.
6.5.   In all cases the Seller is dismissed from responsibility for breaching the terms of product delivery, if the products are not delivered to the Buyer or delivered untimely due to the Buyer’s fault or due to the circumstances not dependent upon the Seller.
6.6.   The Buyer has immediately to inform the Seller, if delivery is received in a damaged package, if delivery contains not ordered products or incorrect amount of them, or partly completed item.
6.7.   The Buyer in all cases during the time of delivery after noticing any damage on the package has to submit the comments in the package delivery form provided by the courier, or write out another act due to these damages. The Buyer has to do it in the presence of the courier. If the Buyer omits doing these steps, the Seller is dismissed from the liability to the Buyer due to the damage of products, related to the damage of package, which was not pointed out by the Buyer in the courier product delivery document.
6.8.   If the Buyer receives the products by post or withdraw the products from product delivery terminals, one must submit the Seller the photos of a damaged package and (or) product by e-mail.
7.   Product return and change.
7.1.  Disadvantages of sold products are removed, poor quality products are changeable, and returned guided by the rules of Item return and change, approved by the order of the Minister of Economy of the Republic of Lithuania No. 217, June 29, 2001 "Due to approval of rules of item return and change".
7.2.  Guided by the rules of Item return and change, approved by the order of the Minister of Economy of the Republic of Lithuania No. 217, June 29, 2001 "Due to approval of rules of item return and change", the request of the buyer to change the bought product into analogous products or to return the payed money, if the buyer does not like the form, size, colour, model or complexity of the product, can be satisfied only upon the agreement of the seller in cases when the bought items include:

  •  fabrics;
  •  baby clothes;
  •  bedding accessories;
  •  toys;
  •  weighed and measured products, which were specially prepared upon the Buyer’s request.

8.   Marketing and information.
8.1.  The Seller in the internet shop "Lovelin" can organise various sales and offers.
8.2.  The Seller has a right unilaterally, without a separate warning, to change conditions of sales, as well as to cancel them. Any change or cancelation of sales conditions and order is valid only from the moment of their implementation.
8.3.  The Seller sends all notices through the means of communication that are provided in in the form of registration of a Buyer.
8.4.  The Buyer sends all notices and questions to the contacts provided in the electronic shop section "Contacts".
8.5.  The Seller is not responsible, if the Buyer does not receive sent informational or confirmation messages due to disturbances of the internet connection, and electronic email service provider networks.
9.   Final provisions.
9.1.  These product purchase – sales Terms are concluded guided by the laws and legislations of the Republic of Lithuania.
9.2.  All disagreements, occurring due to the execution of these Terms, are solved by negotiation. In case of failure to agree, disputes are being solved by the order determined by the laws of the Republic of Lithuania.