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There is nothing more important to the JSC "Limageda" as a high quality of products, dedicated to You and Your home, therefore we always care that ordered products were qualitative and satisfied expectations of all clients.

  • If for some reason you decided to return the product, which you purchased in the “Lovelin“ electronic shop, please inform us during 14 days from its arrival by e-mail
  • It is obligatory to fill out and send the request of the product return together with the product (download).
  • The Buyer has to send the returnable products by the registered shipment. The number of the registered shipment has to be provided to the Seller no later than during 24 h. after sending. The returned or changeable products have to be sent to the receiver:
Klaipėdos g. 127
LT-97155, Kretinga
 1.   General product return and change policy
1.1.   The return of products is carried out guided by the order of the Minister of Economy of the Republic of Lithuania No. 217, June 29, 2001 "Due to approval of rules of item return and change".
1.2.   Return expenses for returned qualitative or interchangeable products are paid by the buyer. The buyer is being only returned with the amount of money, which was paid for the product.
1.3.   Wanting to return the product (-s), the Buyer can do that during 14 (fourteen) days since the product delivery day to the Buyer, by informing the Seller by an e-mail, by adding photos or videos of the product and/or package, which define the existing problem.
1.4.   The product being returned, has to be in the original orderly package: not damaged, not used, in the same compilation, which was before the Buyer received it, without losing its merchandising appearance (undamaged labels, not ripped protective coating and etc.). While returning the product it is obligatory to submit the paper (printed) document of its purchase (order, payment copy).
1.5.   While returning a qualitative product, delivery costs are not returned to the buyer.
1.6.   While returning the wrong received product, the Seller commits to change the product into the necessary one. When the ordered product is not available, the Buyer is returned all the money (for the product, and for factual incurred sending costs).
1.7.   When not qualitative product is being returned, the Seller commits to change a not qualitative product into analogous product or return the Buyer the money.
1.8.  Guided by the rules of Item return and change, approved by the order of the Minister of Economy of the Republic of Lithuania No. 217, June 29, 2001 "Due to approval of rules of item return and change", the buyer's request to change the bought product into analogous products or to return the paid money, if the buyer does not like the form, size, colour, model or complexity of the product, can be satisfied only upon the agreement of the seller in cases when the bought items include:
  • Fabrics;
  • Baby clothes;
  • Bedding accessories;
  • Toys;
  • Weighable and measurable products, which were specially arranged at the request of the buyer.

The Seller has a right not to accept Buyer's returned products, if the Buyer does not follow the order or product return, determined in paragraphs 1.2-1.5, 1.9-1.10 of these Terms.
1.9.    If the Buyer paid for products with a gift coupon, then the coupon is returned and other additional paid amount (in case of its payment).
1.10.  If the Buyer returns the product, which was bought with a discount, the amount with applied discount is returned for the product.
1.11. The paid money for the products are being returned during 5 working days since the day of order cancelation.
2.    Final provisions.
2.1.   These product return Terms are concluded guided by the laws and legislations of the Republic of Lithuania.
2.2.   All disagreements, occurring due to the execution of these Terms, are solved by negotiation. In case of failure to agree, disputes are being solved by the order determined by the laws of the Republic of Lithuania.